We have butcher hogs available almost every week

Please call now to place your order

Butcher hogs 280-300 pounds $225.00


Half Hogs available for $130.00

For a complete list of cuts and how much meat you can expect click here.

We now accept credit card payments for an additional $10.00
(Visa, or Mastercard)

Call Eric to place order - (231) 409-3308

You may haul your own pig or we can transport it for you to RRR Meat Processing right here in Buckley. They charge approx. $140.00 for

(standard processing) butchering,cut wrap and smoking.

(smoking included is for hams and bacon).

There is also a 35.00 Hog slaughter fee

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Butcher Hogs

Reserve your Butcher Hog today!


We are taking orders for Butcher Hogs. They are $230 and are 280-300 lbs. You can also get half a hog for $130.

**Please call to order half hogs.**

Processing is approx. $200-$250 depending on the options you choose. We are taking orders for butcher hogs for feburary-June right now. Order yours ASAP so we can make sure and get them in.


We will be delivering the hogs to RRR processing in Buckley. When you order feel free to specify what month you would like the pig delivered and we will let you know when we can get it scheduled.




*If you wish to pick up your pig live please tell us an approximate date you would like to pick it up.


If you want a pig delivered to your house please contact Eric (231) 409-3308


**You will get a email from us when it has been scheduled.**

Order & Pay online.


We deliver to


RRR Processing in Buckley.

Pick up direct


If you want to pick up your hog(s) from Svec Farms. 


Please Call

Eric (231) 409-3308

You will pay for the processing when you pick your pig up from the butcher. For approx processing price please call RRR processing 231-590-1741


*price varies due to pig weight, sometimes the pigs are bigger then #300.*


**Standard processing includes , cut, wrap and smoking of hams and bacon. Any time you get sausage links or brats that is always extra for the processing fee. The processing price will also be less if you're getting a half hog.**

In the mean time if you want farm fresh pork bundles go to www.svecmeats.com.


Place order by phone

Eric 231-409-3308​

​Question about the website

(231) 944-4939 Tyler

Butcher Hogs - 280 lbs. $230

(Estimates based on a 260 lbs. pig)


You can order online. If you have a question contact Eric at 409-3308.



Please allow approx. 3-4 weeks for processing and packaging.

Butcher Hogs may be purchased year round.

    CUT                      AMOUNT


Pork Steak                  16-20.

Shoulder Roasts         4 (2 lb/ea.)

Pork Chops                 40-48

Spare Ribs                  6 lbs.

Ham Roasts               7-8 (5-8 lbs./ea.)

Bacon                        16-20 (1 lb. pkgs.)

Sausage                    25-30 (1 lb. pkgs.)

*Approximately 165 lbs. of meat*