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        Feeder Pigs

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Welcome to Svec Farms! 

 Feeder Pig pickup will be at  Svec Farms Pickup Location

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11677 Wilson Rd.

Buckley, Mi 49620

*Taking Orders for August-October*

Feeder Pigs are now available at Svec Farms. When you place your order you will be asked to choose a pickup date, Pickup dates are Saturday Mornings at 9 AM Sharp! August-October. You can also order feed if you want to. Pigs should be approx 50-60 pounds when you pick them up.


Tips & Reminders

  1. Weather can be very cold when you pick up your pig. Be sure to bring or purchase straw, a tarp, and a trailer or proper crate.
  2. Your pig has been raised in an indoor controlled environment. Introduce your pig to the outdoors very slowly (1-2 hrs./day if it's cold leave them inside) for the first couple of weeks to prevent sunburn. Sunburn can cause your pig to become sick and in extreme cases die. Remember that sunburn can happen even when it's cloudy. Even when your pig is acclimated to the outdoors they still need a shaded area for protection.
  3. A fully enclosed shelter with four walls and roof is recommended for protection from the elements.
  4. Your pig should be feed ground corn with 16% protein. Stay away from feeding whole corn. Pigs eat on average 2.5 lbs. of corn/day. Pigs do not like stale feed so adjust how much you feed them accordingly.
  5. Straw is the best bedding for your pen. Wood chips are not recommended because they will eat them and it may lead to serious breathing problems.
  6. Pigs are a 3-way cross, York, Hampshire and Duroc. They are born from December-March.

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