We are taking orders for Butcher Hogs. They are $230 and are 280-300 lbs. You can also get half a hog for $130. Processing is approx. $180-$220 (Less if you're getting half a hog) when you pick up your meat.


We have a variety of pickup options to choose from.

We cannot guarantee which processor your pig will go to, Depends on availability, we will try to go with the one you choose.


L & J Meats in Lake city, Mi.

RRR Processing in Buckley, Mi

Pick-up from Svec Farms: 2nd friday of every month at 9:00 am. (Live)


**It may seem like a long ways away, however all Butchers are booked into next year. Delivery will be sometime during the month you choose. You will get another email from us when it has been delivered.**

Butcher Hogs

Delivery Date
  • Delivery

    We can deliver to L&J Meats in Lake City, Mi.