We have butcher hogs available almost every week

Please call now to place your order

Butcher hogs 280-300 pounds $225.00


Half Hogs available for $130.00

For a complete list of cuts and how much meat you can expect click here.

We now accept credit card payments for an additional $10.00
(Visa, or Mastercard)

Call Eric to place order - (231) 409-3308

You may haul your own pig or we can transport it for you to RRR Meat Processing right here in Buckley. They charge approx. $140.00 for

(standard processing) butchering,cut wrap and smoking.

(smoking included is for hams and bacon).

There is also a 35.00 Hog slaughter fee

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Butcher Hogs

Reserve your Butcher Hog today!


We are taking orders for Butcher Hogs for Febuary - March. They are $230 and are 280-300 lbs. You can also get half a hog for $130. You can order and pay online. We will deliver your pig to whichever butcher will get it in the soonest.


We deliver to

L & J Meats in Lake city, Mi.

RRR Processing in Buckley, Mi

You may also contact us directly if you'd like to pick your hog live from Svec Farms. (231) 409-3308

You will pay for the processing when you pick your pig up from the butcher. Processing is approx. $180-$220.

**Standard processing includes , cut, wrap and smoking of hams and bacon. The processing price will also be less if you're getting a half hog.**

Reserve yours today! Butchers are booked into next year. In the mean time if you want farm fresh pork bundles go to www.svecmeats.com.


​Question about the website

(231) 944-4939

Butcher Hogs - 280 lbs. $230

(Estimates based on a 260 lbs. pig)


You can order online. If you have a question contact Eric at 409-3308.



Please allow approx. 3-4 weeks for processing and packaging.

Butcher Hogs may be purchased year round.

    CUT                      AMOUNT


Pork Steak                  16-20.

Shoulder Roasts         4 (2 lb/ea.)

Pork Chops                 40-48

Spare Ribs                  6 lbs.

Ham Roasts               7-8 (5-8 lbs./ea.)

Bacon                        16-20 (1 lb. pkgs.)

Sausage                    25-30 (1 lb. pkgs.)

*Approximately 165 lbs. of meat*