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Roaster Hogs

200-300 pounds


Roaster Hogs start at 200 lbs live weight.

200 lbs. live - 130 lbs. (Rail weight)  $250

250 lbs. live - 160 lbs. (Rail weight)  $280

280 lbs. live - 182 lbs. (Rail weight)  $310

300 lbs. live - 200 lbs. (Rail weight) $330

We will take Roaster Hogs to RRR processing in Buckley.

They will charge $100 to kill, gut, and skin the pig. You can also pick up Roaster Hogs live from Svec Farms

When ordering online, we will deliver to RRR the Tuesday  before you plan to roast the pig. Also we will need to know if the hog will be in a roaster or on a spit.

If you are picking up Live, we will contact you to arrange pickup.

*All pigs must leave farm property live*

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