Roaster Hogs

Roaster hogs are 150 lbs. and up and can be purchased  for $1 per pound.

Roaster Hogs - 150-280 lbs.      $150-$225

Roaster Hogs start at 150 lbs. and can be purchased for  $1/lb.  up to 225 lbs.

For any Roaster Hogs larger then 225 lbs. the purchase price remains $225.

150# live pig -97# roaster

200# live pig -130# roaster

250# live pig -160# roaster

280# live pig -182# roaster

you can purchase your roaster hog Live from us or we can take it to RRR processing in Buckley and they will Kill, gut, and skin your pig for 35.00. It is recommended that you call them a day or two before your roast date and discuss the specifics. Other options are, head on or off, split or don't split for a spicket.

RRR processing 231-269-3538


To order please contact Eric at 409-3308.


Payable by check or credit card (extra $10)

​Roaster Hogs may be purchased all year round.

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