Roaster Hogs

Roaster hogs are 150 lbs. and up and can be purchased  for $1 per pound.

Roaster Hogs - 150-280 lbs.      $150-$225

Roaster Hogs start at 150 lbs. and can be purchased for  $1/lb.  up to 225 lbs.

For any Roaster Hogs larger then 225 lbs. the purchase price remains $225.

150# live pig -97# roaster

200# live pig -130# roaster

250# live pig -160# roaster

280# live pig -182# roaster

You can only pick up Roaster Hogs live from Svec Farms.


To order please contact Eric at 409-3308.


Payable by check or credit card (extra $10)

​Roaster Hogs may be purchased all year round.