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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What Breed is my pig?

A:  The pigs are a 3-way cross, York, Hampshire and Duroc.


Q:  When was my pig born?

A:  We have pigs born from December, January, February, and March. (lots of them are february 1)


Q:  What is the best bedding to put in my pen?

A: Straw is the recommended bedding for your pig.  Please do not use wood chips because they will eat them and it could lead to serious breathing problems.


Q:  Can I raise my pig outdoors?

A:  Your pig has been raised in a controlled environment.  Introduce your pig to the out of doors very slowly (1-2 hours a day) for the first couple of weeks.  If it is done too

      quickly it will result in a sunburn and your pig can become very sick.  Remember that sunburn can happen even in cool, cloudy conditions.  Even after your pig         becomes accustomed to its new environment, be sure it has a shaded area for protection.

Q. How much should I feed my pig?

A:  Your pig should be fed an average of 2.5 lbs of feed twice a day.  Keep in mind that if you have more than one pig the feed amount will need to be adjusted accordingly.  If

       you find that it is not eating all the feed then you should feed it a little less.  Pigs don't like stale feed.  Always provide a good source of fresh water as well.

Q:  Is my pig vaccinated for the fair?

A:  Each pig leaves the farm wormed but vaccinations are the responsibility of the buyer.  

Q  What should I feed my pig?

A:  Ground corn with 16% protein is recommended.  Stay away from feeding whole corn.

Q: What kind of shelter should I build for my pig?

A:  A totally enclosed shelter ( 4 walls & a roof)  is needed to protect your pig from the elements.  Nights can be very cold and days can get very hot!!

***  Please keep in mind that the weather is often cold when picking up your pigs.  Be sure to come prepared with straw, a tarp and a proper crate. ***


Butcher & Roaster Hogs


Q:  When can I purchase a Butcher/Roaster hog?

A:  Svec Farms sells Butcher/Roaster hogs year round.


Q:  How many pounds of meat will I get from a butcher hog?

A:  The average butcher hog (280 lbs.) will yield approximately 165 lbs. of meat.


Q:  How do I get my butcher hog to a butcher?

A:  All of our pigs leave the farm alive.  If you want to transport it to your own processing plant you may do so.  If you don't have a butcher then we will transport it to

      RRR Meat Processing in Buckley, MI.  RRR Meat Processing is a USDA Inspected facility.  They will contact you after the delivery has

     been made.  Please allow approximately 3 weeks for processing and packaging.  You will be contacted when your meat is ready for pick-up.


Q:  How much will it cost?

A:  The butcher/roaster hog will cost $225.00 paid to Svec Farms LLC.  Processing and packaging is an additional $200.00 (approx) paid to 

      RRR Meat Processing .

Q:  How much should my pig weigh before butchering?

A:  The best slaughter weight for your pig is 280-300 lbs.  Be sure to contact your butcher early so there are no delays in  processing your meat.


Q:  How soon can I butcher my pig?

A:  The minimum weight for butchering a pig is 150 pounds. Our reccomendation is between 260-280 pounds.  Your pig will take approximately 4 months to reach ideal weight.

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