Sows  - 500-600 lbs.                  $250

Live price from Svec Farms is $250

You may process it yourself or processing through RRR meats is available

for additional charges listed below.

   Total amount of meat is about 60% of live weight.



Estimated lbs. of meat                                           330 lbs.


Bulk Sausage (Approx)         $0.45/pound             $150


Brats (Approx.)                   $2/pound                $650


                (Estimates based on a 550 lb. sow)


To order please contact Eric at 409-3308.


Payable by check or credit card (extra $10)

​Please allow approx. 3 weeks for processing and packaging.  RRR Meat Processing located in Buckley will  charge the estimated amount for their services depending on your packaging choices.

Please call for availability.


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