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These Hogs are the best of the best and the ideal weight for the greatest tasting pork you could ever hope to buy.

We are taking orders for Premium hogs for 2024! Order yours today! We will deliver in the month that you choose.

Pick up Live, or we will deliver to RRR Processing, in Buckley, Mi.



275-300 lbs.




**Processing (RRR Processing, Buckley mi)


Pay RRR when you pick your meat up.

Approx. $220-$250 Subject to the options you choose.


If you want a pig delivered to your house please contact Eric (231) 409-3308


**You will get a email from us when it has been scheduled.**

Premium Hogs

  • Delivery

    We will deliver your pig to RRR Processing in Buckley Mi. You may also pick up hogs live from Svec Farms.


  • Approximate Meat

    (Estimates based on a 260 lbs. pig)

        CUT                      AMOUNT

    Pork Steak                  16-20.

    ​Shoulder Roasts         4 (2 lb/ea.)

    ​Pork Chops                 40-48

    ​Spare Ribs                  6 lbs.

    ​Ham Roasts               7-8 (5-8 lbs./ea.)

    ​Bacon                        16-20 (1 lb. pkgs.)

    ​Sausage                    25-30 (1 lb. pkgs.)

    *Approximately 165 lbs. of meat*

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